AAA is a professional services business that identifies and realises financial benefits for clients.

AAA examines the financial, accounting, contractual and taxation aspects of a client’s business and works with clients to identify ways to unlock financial benefits or eliminate unnecessary costs.

We apply financial, return-based thinking to all engagements in order to ensure that, when clients engage with AAA, there is a positive real return on the engagement.

AAA applies a partnering and risk-sharing approach to its client engagements. These engagements take the form of both long-term management contracts as well as projects that extract or enhance value out of existing businesses or assets.

We are a team of problem-solvers that enjoy the challenge of resolving accounting, financial and structuring issues and inefficiencies.

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We are engaged in the holistic design, implementation and management of dynamic financial solutions to business issues. To do this, we utilise deep skills in accounting, taxation and financial structuring.

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