Service Offerings

accounting reconstructionsAccounting Reconstructions

We assist companies and groups of companies to reconstruct accounts and ensure inter-company transactions and balances agree, in instances where accounts processing for entities have fallen behind or been lost or destroyed.

Accounting Outsourcing

We are able to perform and oversee the on-going accounting function for inter-related companies and we prepare monthly summaries of all intercompany balances, having applied any relevant rules or covenants in terms of shareholder agreements or other similar documentation. We have skills in financial structuring, restructuring of balance sheets.

Audit Preparation

We assist companies to prepare for audits, ensuring that the year-end accounting transactions are fully updated and prepared in the financial statements and preparing all of the schedules and supporting documentation needed for the auditors to perform the audit. When appropriate, we also draft the annual financial statements in accordance with IFRS, UK GAAP or whatever accounting framework is appropriate.

In this role, we reduce the cost and time taken for the performance of the audit and remove most of the burden of facilitating the audit from the operational team in the business.

Structuring Advice

We offer the service of profiling the optimal funding structure for any given business, division or asset. In doing so, we take cognisance of desired risk profiles, desired hurdle rates and access to funding. Typical engagements include the structuring and implementation of fresh equity issues, raising of debt finance, share buybacks and restructuring of balance sheets.

Financial ModellingFinancial Modelling

AAA assists clients in making material business decisions by modelling various scenarios. We construct financial models that are tailored to each individual business decision and present various scenarios. From there, we workshop the model assumptions by testing them against known figures and external market data, where available. Once calibrated, the scenarios are then risk/return ranked in order to finalise decision making.

Loss Quantification or Forensic Review

We assist parties to disputes to quantify the amount of losses or damages and produce reports thereon. We are able to perform forensic reviews of accounting systems, accounting information and other data and report on exceptions, anomalies or irregularities.

Taxation computations and compliance

We perform international and in-country tax computations and report on compliance.  In this role, we perform the international computations and work with experts in-country to confirm local laws and practices.